DB Utilities

 DeTL is a comprehensive tool which deals with all the data extraction needs of an ETL/DB developer like extract, browse and export the data from Oracle DB to formatted flat files for day to day business analysis and ETL feeds. This is your buddy tool which can reside in your desktop – install once use anytime.

What You can do with our DeTL - You Can 


  •  Create the DB connection , test the configuration and save the connection
  •  Browse the tables from the connected DB through table view selection.
  •  Browse the tables from the query window through desired written queries.
  •  Save the desired queries as ‘Query strings’and retrieve and use the saved ones as & when needed.
  •  View the queried results either in Full or partial view of data options and export the data in the same fashion.
  •  Export the data into flat file with any delimiter of your/user choice.
  • The best tool for real-time data streaming.
  • Query string is a ‘Saved query’ which user can simply select a string instead of writing the total query again to generate the file.
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